May 042010

I took this at one of our recent park functions… Unlike a lot of my people pics, when I took this one I felt it was going to be a good one.  Alas, this rec hall is about the worst place to take photos because it has windows on three out of four walls and the fourth one is the kitchen.  I guess I should make it a goal to figure out the best way to capture photos in here before next season starts.  I have a LOT of awfully bad event pictures.

But back to this photo.  I find it hard to judge if I have captured  the theme effectively… or not.   So, I have to ask, what do you see in this photo?

  8 Responses to “THEME: Young and Old”

  1. It definately captures the theme, and shows the contrast well. The moment of emotions and expresions captured is what really makes this a stand-out image.

  2. A great image of the differences between the generations…it looks like the lady is questioning the young man’s laughter…not use whether to laugh or cry LOL

  3. It’s a wonderful moment you captured! I always enjoy people shots when they come up on the Photowalk which doesn’t seem to happen all that ofte. The expressions on these faces do make me wonder what transpired just before you took the shot.

  4. Definitely Young and Old..and the little guy captures the whole image :-) I’m not sure the lady is grumpy but just that you caught an expression that leaves a lot open to opinions..LOL Great photo!

  5. It’s a great picture. Perfectly captured with great light. Both expressions are priceless.

  6. I see young and old immediately!! And the lighting looks perfect. The boy is obviously enjoying himself, but the woman looks a little tentative. It does make you wonder what caused the two reactions. Wonderfully captured.

  7. I think your image is terrific!! Not only does it represent young and old but there expressions are opposites as well. The look on the woman’s face is very revealing!!

  8. Great Fun shot! I hope your senior citizen is studying the personable toung fellow to learn how to look as if she is having FUN, He gets it and then some, love your shot.

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