Apr 142010

These are from the large flowering cactus at the end of our street.  The above photos were taken around 9:30 this morning.

And for the sake of seeing the difference in lighting – this one was taken around noon on Sunday:

I like it because you can see the spikes of the cactus… and the contrast between just how delicate these blossoms are… and the tough neighborhood that they live in!

  4 Responses to “THEMES: Delicate”

  1. Coming from the Norteast, I’ve rarely seen a blooming cactus. I didn’t know they were so yellow (the only ones I’ve seen were fuscia or red) or so delicate.

    • Bobbie, I’m from the Northeast. So living here is such a wonder! There are so many colors that one would not expect or maybe its because we have to search harder for color. Last summer I must have taken about 200 cactus flower photos! I haven’t posted any of those yet… but will if I run out of new blooms…

  2. They look like tissue paper! It is cool that you captured the spikes too to give contrast to the beautiful blooms. I love flowers!

  3. Beautiful shots…I especially love the 3rd one down! The one you took in the morning just glows…very pretty!

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