Sep 212010

woman jc 682ISO 80; f/4.5; 1/500; -0.67 ev; 22.4mm; 7:03am (Canon SX 10 on tripod)

Found this woman in Celia’s Garden… the memorial park next the model airplane field.  Same place that I have photographed the bird house, bird feeders and many different desert plant life.  It’s a really beautiful place to walk around. I liked the morning sun on her face.

  6 Responses to “THEME: Woman”

  1. Really nice lighting! Gives the statue depth.

  2. When looking at the smaller image, the clothing looks like leather…then I enlarged it and was disappointed…..

  3. It makes her stand out! Nice.

  4. Nice, Judi!! I like your take on the theme. The light is just right!!

  5. The way she is glowing makes me wonder about her story as well…she looks important! Superb lighting!

  6. She looks strong, I wonder what her story is. Nice light on the face.

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