Feb 042010


Funny thing about white… is that it is often not purely white, especially with a digital camera. When I was at the vegetable stand after spending the afternoon riding my bike around and taking photos, this basket of garlic looked about as white as anything I’d seen all day.

This was taken with the natural afternoon sun coming in from the open doorway. The sun actually gave the garlic a warm “orange” color; pretty, but not appropriate to our assignment.

Thus I did a quick edit in photoshop elements.  I made a layer from the background image and removed all color from that new layer.  Then I adjusted the transparency to 25%.  This resulted in the garlic looking like the “white” that I was after.

  6 Responses to “THEME: White”

  1. mmm, I smell dinner. Yum. love the depth & the texture.

  2. Judi! Nice approach to your white theme. You had to work to get it though, when nature should have provided it. Nice job.

  3. Very nice, and a nice creamy white. I would like to see the original though as the comparison, sometimes the light brings us unbelievable colors, its our brain that says hey, that is supposed to be white and not the warm orange color.

  4. Now you have me thinking about what is in the kitchen…good idea you have here.

  5. White is a hard color to get right…and I would say you mastered it! What a unique idea for white, never would have thought of garlic…love the shapes and textures too!

  6. It’s tough to make white look white the way our eyes see it. You’ve done a grat job of it.

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