Feb 092010

I think this will be easy to guess, but its so pretty I decided to use it anyway. So, what is it?


Yes, it is a cactus; a saguero to be specific. ¬†Too large to photographed easily… but this should give you an idea:

And, here is another perspective on this great plant…ouch!:

  4 Responses to “Theme: What is That?”

  1. If I were able, I would have a yard full of cacti, but not here in this state! :-( I love them for their simple structures. Is this a Cholla cactus? No, second thought, Prickly Pear. Like the shot.

  2. Ditto, cactus! More wonderful details w/ perfect bokeh! This is really interesting how it comes out of those little holes…really pretty!

  3. It is amazing to see the pattern at the base of the cactus spines. I have cactus that have been photographed numerous times and never noticed the pattern. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I think its a cactus, but I am really intrigued at the macro image you too. I love how the little spikes come out. The detail here is amazing. It makes it so interesting. This is why I love macro photography best.

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