Aug 162010

ISO 80; f/8; 1/125; 7.7mm (Canon Powershot  SD950IS) – July afternoon in Massachusetts

ISO 80; f/5.8; 1/400; 28.5mm (Canon Powershot  SD950IS) – July afternoon in Massachusetts

I’m finally caught up with my MostlyFiction work and ready to concentrate on photography again… but its just too hot.  I think we are having our last gasp of heat, or so let’s hope. Our days have been around 111 -112 – 113F in the afternoon… It was already 89 when we woke up at 6am. The high temp isn’t the bad part; it’s the humidity!  What they say about dry heat is true… its hot but since the sweat is wicked away so quickly, it doesn’t feel as hot. I rather like that dry furnace=like heat.  But come Monsoon season, it’s like breathing in water.

So, I decided to go revisit my vacation photos to see what will fit a theme or two.  This is my nephew Matt and his friend, Eric,  cooling off in the pool.  In the second photo, Matt is the one sitting on the pool ladder.  He’s 13… one year younger than his sister Devon.

  3 Responses to “THEME: Wet”

  1. What crystal clear water! Looks like a fun time was had by all!!

  2. That does look wonderfully refreshing! The blues and greens really pop!

  3. That blue wet pool just looks so refreshing and cool…mind if I join them??

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