Aug 212010

ISO 80; f/5.7; 1/100; 100mm; 7:29am (Canon SX100) (Manual mode)

The Palm Trees were being watered this morning. This border  rock was benefitting from a misdirected sprinkler. Taken in at ground level, zoomed in.  Cropped and levels adjusted.

  7 Responses to “THEME: Wet II”

  1. Mike just took my comment….it looks like it’s been “saraned wrapped”….love the saturated colors in the rock that the water provides.

  2. Looks like it’s wrapped in cellophane. Beautiful texture in rock.

  3. Nice saturated color and motion capture. You come up with some of the most interesting images from mundane subject matter.

  4. It’s neat how the light is captured in the stream of water and the rock color is wonderfully vibrant.

    How much water does it take to keep a palm tree alive in the desert, I wonder?

  5. The water really brings out the color and texture of the stone. Nice detail work!!

  6. Terrific spotting and capture!

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