Sep 262010

used JC 685ISO 80; f/5.8; 1/160; 28.5; 8:18am (Canon Powershot SD950 IS)

Found in the back of a restaurant… obviously, used (up).

This photo was taken back in May during one of my bike rides.  I have finally mastered Aperture well enough to fix the problems created by the bright AZ sun.  All adjustments were done manually (no presets).

  9 Responses to “THEME: Used”

  1. Looks like there is still some life in that old upholstery. Nice how you captured the dust and the haphazard piling of the old booths.

  2. The different textures, lines, and color shades make for a very interesting photo.

  3. That must mean they have a lot of patrons for them to used up like they are. Nice find!

  4. gosh a diner booth graveyard, poor things. Nice find and nicely edited.

  5. The power of post processing….look out she’s joining the ranks of Ron and his trickery…………only kidding of course!

  6. Great job on the post-processing!

  7. Nice job on the processing.

  8. Awesome editing…that makes a huge difference!

  9. Vast difference, Bloody Well Done.

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