Mar 092010

Carl loves his worn-out jeans.  When he walked past me this morning, I couldn’t believe it!  A big gaping hole!  Of course, after laughing and making him look in the mirror.  I’m telling him to wait, wait, “I need a picture of ‘worn’.”  To my amazement he actually let me take the picture!

Well, the jeans are in the trash now and Carl is onto his 2nd favorite worn-out jeans.

  8 Responses to “THEME: Unexpected and Worn”

  1. A great sport indeed! I hate when my very favorite jeans finally get too worn, right at their most comfy.

  2. Great use of theme (and those worn out jeans)!

  3. And he prolly also said, “So, what’s wrong with them?”

  4. You should have let him keep the jeans….my boy’s jeans are just like that and according to them “That’s the syle”! LOL That is such a fun image…Love it!

  5. Good thing you caught it via camera and him going out in public.

  6. Too funny! He must be a VERY good sport!

  7. It must be love if you are still checking his toosh every morning, what a fun photo of an obviously fun guy – hope the repairs hold for another decade or so.

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