Mar 142010

Still going about my mundane office tasks… and looking for things to do during the slow day. I decided to poke around in the mail room storage shelves.  And guess what I found?  An umbrella!  Where else would you find such an object in the desert, except in some dusty, sandy corner of a forgotten area of the building?

For post-processing in PSE (my Aperture trial has ended), I “selected” the umbrella and used auto smart fix to bring out the brighter color.  (I experimented with levels, contast, etc, but decided the auto smart fix had best results.) Then I inverted the selection and used a slight Gaussian Blur (radius: 1.9 pixels) on the background.

I took several photos trying to capture more of the other objects in this messy nook, but with each, I lost the significance of the umbrella.

This was taken with my Canon Powershot SD950 IS; shutter speed at 1/60; aperture: f/5.0; focal length: 23.5 mm; Flash On; ISO Speed: 200.

  6 Responses to “THEME: Unexpected Umbrella”

  1. That green is great! I like the processing too. I live 100 miles from the rain forest and I can’t find an umbrella either.

  2. Your processing on this was terrific – really focuses attention on that unexpected umbrella!

  3. I love that burst of color among the other beige tones…a sense of excitement!

  4. Is that the Spanish Inquisition Umbrella, cause no one expects the Spanish Inquisition (Monty Python)

  5. Doris, I assumed that this would be one theme I wouldn’t be able to do! So, yes, I was pleased with my finding. I changed the title to “Unexpected Umbrella.” And not just because it is green!

  6. The bright green is unexpected as well! I also had trouble finding an umbrella. Nice capture.

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