Jul 242010

ISO 80; f/8; 1/320; 7.7mm Canon SD950IS

Another January theme, finally completed.  This trio is (from left to right) is of myself, my mom, and my sister Wendy.  I was working on trying to get a nice picture of the three of us at the beach.  I only had my little bendy tripod, so the shot was limited and it took several tries. I did get a nice photo… but I thought this one was more interesting for the blog.  What are those 3 ladies talking about anyway?

  10 Responses to “THEME: Trio”

  1. What a classic! Beautifully done! Whatever you’re talking about seems to be on the intense side with your sister leaning over and you listening intently.

  2. This looks like every summer at the New England beaches when I was a kid – my mom and her sisters chatting away while we kids splashed in the ocean. Great shot – thanks for the memories it invokes!

  3. Great processing and a wonderful angle on this shot. I can hear what they’re saying – “did you see the muscles on that guy in the red swimsuit?”

  4. Wow! I LOVE this! One of my favorite Photowalk photos so far! Like everyone else said, the perspective is terrific as is the lack of direct eye contact with the camera. The black and white gives it a very classic looks. A nice looking trio of ladies too!

  5. Judi this is great and it must mean that you got your trip to Hampton Beach! I love the perspective and your take of “Family”. Good job!

  6. This is great. I love the perspective and that y’all are talking and not making eyecontact with the camera.

  7. Love this one, Judi! I especially like the camera position and the b/w treatment. Looks like it belongs in a magazine. Great instincts!!!

  8. I’m glad you shared this one! Love the interaction between the two sisters with Mom ignoring you in the middle. 😉 Great perspective, nice b&W processing – and so full of life and emotion.

  9. Love this in B+W! and the perspective is fantastic!

  10. This is a classic! Grayscale makes it even more so. Summer family time on the beach! I love the perspective you chose.

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