Sep 152010

ISO 80; f/5; 1/250; 16mm; 9:41am (Canon SX10) Cropped

This is Carl’s glider trapped in a Palo Verde tree.  Really, really wish I could have shown how it got here but it all happened way to fast for my reflexes!

Basically, our RV Park owner wanted an arial view of the park.  The park is in process of laying in sewer pipes so there are long trenches being dug throughout the park.  Google’s map isn’t current enough, so Carl was asked if he had any ideas.  Thus, he put a camera in his Easy Star glider, walked down to the nearest trench, tossed the glider in the air… and ZOOM!  When Carl flies the glider in the airfield it feels slow an elegant.  But down between a Palm Tree line road, this little plane zips right along.  Carl quickly tried to get it up above the Palm trees but instead it skimmed across the top of a trailer and into this Palo Verde tree in the wash.  Wicked! All this in only seconds.

Yes, he was able to rescue it.  And no harm came to it.  He gave it another try and did get some aerial shots of the park… but still it was little tense.  There’s a reason they fly out in open fields free of objects.

This is the sewer line ditch… and where Carl first tried to fly!  The guy looking down is Mike, a fellow park employee.  He’s wondering if he can pull out the ladder to go rescue the plane’s canopy, which popped off and stayed on the roof the trailer.

  6 Responses to “THEME: Trapped”

  1. Great adventure and fun photos to illustrate it as well.

  2. Lots of excitement in your neighborhood….a glider that came home to roost!

  3. Glad everyone was safe in the flight of this plane! Great capture of it in the tree! I bet the movies are a kick!

  4. LOL I bet he learned his lesson! Funny story w/ an exceptional image!

  5. Great story! Glad the glider was okay. How about the camera?

    I was reading Chase Jarvis’s blog today and he has a piece on making a film with Nikon’s new D7000 dSLR camera. For part of it, they attached the camera to a radio-controlled helicopter. Pretty cool!

    • The camera that Carl uses in his planes — and he uses it in the helicopters as well — is called a “key chain” camera. It costs next to nothing but does a fairly good job making the movies. In this case, the crash movie was pretty exciting… and short. The second attempt was better and he was able to get a lot of the park but not everything. It is pretty cool.

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