Aug 212010

ISO 80; f/4; 1/640; 5mm; 7:18am; Super Macro Mode in Canon SX10

I hope you can see this tiny ant.  I think he has some attitude, just sitting back enjoying the sun, taunting me… because he knows his brothers were nibbling on my  feet.  We truly have an ant problem.

  6 Responses to “THEME: Tiny”

  1. It’s a great flower image. May I suggest a book by E.O. Wilson is you like (or dislike) ants.

  2. I found him….and yes, it looks like he is saying “Ha, we are getting you”! Ants have been a real problem here too….I just had my bug guy out to spray for a 2nd time, ugh!!!!!

  3. I had to enlarge it to find him, but find him I did! I like the texture you’ve captured in the petals of the rose.

  4. Great shot! I like the contrast between the soft girlie pink and the wicked spines…

  5. Cute one, Judi!! Love the enlargement of this one. That looks like an ant that means business! We have our share of both black ants and fire ants here in central California.

  6. Tiny on what I guess is a wonderfully shot cactus flower bud. Nice soft light. I admire ants for how successful they are but have tried waging war against them.

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