Jun 252010

Wagon 325ISO 80; f/5; 1/125; 59.2mm; 7:08am (Dodged, Burned and adjusted hue)

Who better knows about The Great Outdoors than RVers… and wouldn’t ¬†you say that the covered wagon was the original American recreational vehicle?

  6 Responses to “THEME: The Great Outdoors Vehicle”

  1. Nice find and nice composition – I like the decaying look, but the wheel has held up fairly well.

  2. Nice composition! I too like the bottles.

  3. Nice find. I’m with Clara, I love the bottles in the wagon.

  4. A great composition. I love the bottles and the old can in the wagon.

  5. I love the composition of this shot…also love the rugged colors and wear!

  6. I asked Ben Hur and he/she said No Chariots!

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