Jan 302010

I was at the model airplane airfield in Quartzsite late afternoon.  After taking lots of pics of the guys flying helicopters and planes, I started aiming the camera at other things – like the landscape.  The sun was starting to set… you know how beautiful that light is!  This is probably one of the weirdest pics I’ve taken but it was in the name of capturing the theme texture.

It is actually a carpet remnant that is used as an entrance to the paved runway.

  4 Responses to “THEME: Texture”

  1. Judi! I could have sworn it was vehicle tracks in the dirt. Nice light, though.

  2. Not my favorite picture… but wanted to prove that I do go on some photo walks!

  3. That is a weird picture LOL, but it does have some great texture…I was guessing it was sand at first (one dirty carpet) :) Wonderful and rich texture!

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