May 252010

Taken at The Piss ‘n Moan Belly-Achers Golf Course off 95S in Quartzsite.

ISO 80 F/8 1/500 7.7 mm   Noon
Canon SD950

This is the surface of the desert — dry as can be yet plant life finds a way to pop out.

It was taken in the full sunlight of the day, thus emphasizing the shadows. (Hey… I have to learn to do something with all this sun!)

It was run through the Aperture Quick Fix adjustment, ¬†modified with Scott Bourne’s own adjustments as we learned in his CreativeLive online class. Then I painted in saturation on the green plants.

  6 Responses to “THEME: Surfaces”

  1. Super textures and I really, really like your composition – the way you positioned the viewfinder to capture the plantlife is really nice.

  2. Nice shot, It really is tough to get the hard, cracked surface of the sun scorched earth.

  3. Only the strong survive, love how you captured the surface cracking in this.

  4. This makes my skin feel dry, you do such a fine job with the harsh light.

  5. I love the contrast shown here. Also, it looks like midday and that is a tough time to shoot sometimes. This turned out great!

  6. I love the rough cracking textures in this…it just looks so dry!

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