May 252010

ISO 80; f/2.8; 1/640; 7.7mm; 6:28pm
Canon SD 950 IS

This rock is maybe 5″ tall.  So what makes this  look so large?  The Canon SD950 IS camera sat on a  mini 5″ tripod.  Yes, it is one of those little bendy tripods that I bought on Amazon for $.70 (plus shipping).

It’s a little tricky to use on the desert floors because there is no way that I’m going to lay prone on the ground here so I can look at the monitor… I’d be removing prickies from myself for days!  As it is, I rarely come home from a photo shoot without something stuck in me. Since this camera doesn’t have a pull-out viewer, I had to do a bit of guessing to get the rock in the photo the way I wanted it. (Set it down, take the photo, pick it up, look at the photo, try again… repeat and repeat…)

This is an example of the volcanic rock that covers a lot of the desert floor here… those are gaseous holes on the surface of the rock.

  8 Responses to “THEME: Surfaces (another)”

  1. Very clever! You’ve taught me something about composition here :-)

  2. That is the main reason I won’t lay prone on the ground… the new camera has a flip out viewer which will greatly improve my shots. For this one, I had to hope for the best and it took several tries.

  3. Great shot Judi, Any scorpions around to play with when you are laying prone to get the shot:)

  4. The tricks that are played on the eye, great image Judi.

  5. The angle of the shot makes this look like one huge boulder…love the perspective!

  6. It looks like a moon rock! Great definition and lighting capture.

  7. Boy have the woodpeckers given that little rock hell, they have punched holes all through it! Terrific angle of attack and thereby perspective.. Wonderful.

  8. That is so awesome! I love the shot anyway, but knowing the backstory makes it that that much better…

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