Aug 212010

ISO 80; f/8; 1.25; 17mm; 7:35am (Canon SX10 on mini tripod)

This is exactly as I found this. I had just seen a Roadrunner, which I didn’t have a chance at shooting, but I followed it behind one of the trailers on wash and saw this.  I believe these giant pine cones are from a Ponderosa Pine, which you can find up in the Grand Canyon area.  And I’m sorry, but Smileys, to me,  are on par with clowns.  Kinda scary sometimes.

  7 Responses to “THEME: Strange II”

  1. That is such an interesting, yet unsettling, shot. Good eye for subject matter.

  2. I love the random “scary” smiley among those great textures in the cones….it is a nice splash of color!

  3. What a great find! I really like the juxtaposition of the natural colors and this creepy little smiling face. It kind of reminds me of your beachball shot too – a bit of colorful fun in an unexpected place.

  4. Great find! I’m glad you overcame the heeby-jeebies to capture it! Somewhere in my archive I have a shot of a smiley face button found on the pavement; it has the same sort of feel to it.

  5. Why should you be scared Wiley Judi, you must be part Coyote your self to get that reaction out of a road runner! I’ve seen all the Hanna Barberra Training Films. LOL

  6. What an odd mix- pack rat in the old paint can? The screaming yellow is creepy even without those icky smilies.

  7. I’m with you on the smiley faces! This is a mixed bag to be sure! What a great photo full of contrasts, colors and textures. Good eye!!

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