May 082010

(ISO 80 F/8 1.160)

On one of my recent morning bike rides, I saw this ball on the side of the road.  Thought it was curious enough that I stopped to see what I could do with it, especially with the nice desert shadows. So, I pretended to kick it. Immediately learned that it is no easy task to balance on one foot and hold the camera steady….

Post processing steps:  I turned the contrast way up, and converted the photo to black and white.

As you can see, I’m not big on the sporting life… it was until I was in the post processing steps that I realized that this is stupid… you don’t kick a basketball!  Oh well.

  10 Responses to “THEME: The Sporting Life”

  1. This is a great composition, love the idea you came up with on this.

  2. Fabulous strong contrast, I’m so bad at B-ball I’d likely kick in frustration.

  3. Oh, I really like this one! Love the slanted light and the clarity.

  4. Great job!! Love the shadows and cleverness of this image.

  5. This is a really fun image…I love the strong contrasts in this and what a unique composition (by the way, I’d probably kick a basketball too) LOL

  6. Another creative take on a theme. And I’m astounded at Ron forgiving the B&W – you don’t get higher praise than that. You should try to get his praise on a flower shot next!

  7. Well, OK, one doesn’t kick a basketball…BUT the perspective here is fantastic, what with the elongated shadows, so one doesn’t realy notice what kind of ball it is!

  8. OMG! Ron forgiving the B&W! I do take that as high praise. Thank you!

  9. Beautifully composed taken and balanced, and as Julie stated so creative, I even forgive the B&W LOL

  10. How creative! I like the strong contrast and the black and white rendering.

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