Aug 022010

ISO 80; f/2.8; 1/50 7.7mm (Canon SD950 IS)  Not sure I even had my glasses on yet.

I love waking up in a tent and this morning was no exception.  Devon and I were only camping in Fred’s yard… but still the smell and the light in the tent thrilled me.  It is a space that I won’t ever be tired of.

I had to take a break from posting to catch up on my MostlyFiction work… so I’m still working on some July Themes.

  7 Responses to “THEME: Space”

  1. Very cool angles and lights!

  2. Nostalgic for me – I used to love camping and backpacking in the Adirondacks and the White Mountains in NH. Haven’t done it for years. But it is so special to wake up and see the morning light from inside the tent.

  3. That’s a very clever shot. I like the geometry…

  4. What great light!

  5. Great idea for the theme
    and even if I’m not a tentlover anymore i can remember the light inside

  6. Great perspective….isn’t the lighting always great in a tent!!

  7. I thought I was looking up through a modern sculpture!! Glad it is a tent. . . much more fun!

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