Dec 252010

Guess what Santa Claus brought me?   A copy of Photoshop Elements 9!

This is a combination of two photos.  I first used Topaz Adjust (from PSE) on the Snowman, which is from a photo I took about a week ago. I then used Topaz ReMask with PSE  to cut this snowman from the photo.  The background is one of the accidental images I captured two nights ago when the parade of lighted vehicles came through the park.  After combining the two photos, I imported the new image into Aperture, tweaked the levels and added vibrancy to the blue sign and the reds, and tweaked the red hues a bit more. (I tried some of this in PSE, but find Aperture easier to use for this kind of work.)

Although I have been a Photoshop Elements user since the first version (and actually from a pre-version),  I still had version 6 on my Mac. I bought Aperture earlier this year and wanted to know it inside and out before I could reward myself with a new version of Photoshop Elements.  Recently, however, I decided to forego the PSE update  in order to take advantage of the discounted bundled price for Topaz. (And am SO glad that I did – let’s call that an early Christmas present!)  Good thing there is a Santa Claus because now I have everything I need.  Guess I better sign up for the 2011 Photowalk!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday!

  5 Responses to “THEME: (Snow)Man”

  1. You’re going to love it!

    Are you going to Participate in 2011 — I haven’t seen your name in the signup???

    • Yes, Sheila, I believe I am going to signup for the 2011 Photowalk — although I feel bad that I haven’t participated all that much in the last 2 months. I wanted to see how I did this month before I committed… I think I can do it, so now I need to create the blog site and sign up. I plan to do that tomorrow (since I’m working today… home for lunch right now). Thanks for the nudge!

  2. I love your creation….so unique and festive!!!

  3. Have fun with PSE 9! Putting the two images together gives you a great holiday photo!

  4. Merry Festive Season Judi, and a Prosperous and Productive New Year to you and yours.

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