Jun 132010

ISO 80; f/4.5 1/1000 5mm; 6:17am  Saturday (Cropped)

Facing East: One would think that I’d take a photo of a blue sky for this theme… but we have those nearly every single day here.  Yesterday was an oddball day.  We woke to a rain drops dancing on the RV roof, which was totally unexpected.  I can’t remember the last time it rained or more appropriately, tinkled.  The rain did not make it to the ground, just stirred up the dust on the windshields and car hoods.  The sunrise was delayed… due to cloud coverage, so it was easy for me to catch this sunrise.  Can you see the rain near the horizon?


ISO 80; f/4.5 1/40 23.8mm; 7:54PM Saturday

Facing West: This is last night’s sunset… clouds do beautify the sky, don’t they?  I considered doing an unconstrained crop to cut out the top layer, but then decided to leave it be, as it is what the sky looked like.


ISO 80; f/8 1/250 8.7mm; 3:35pm Sunday

Facing South: And for contrast… this is today, right now.  I just popped out to give you a sample of the sky.  We still have clouds today!  Carl called it a Monsoon sky since these puffy cumulus clouds are what one would expect to see in late July or August.

  6 Responses to “THEME: Sky”

  1. What a difference! Those silhouettes against the dramatic sky in the first shot are a nice touch.

  2. I like the dramatic sky in the top image. It is amazing how different the sky can look in a short period of time. Nice job on the three images.

  3. I love the top one, wonderful composing. Great sunset and fine puffy clouds in the bottom shot.

  4. I’m with Tammy. The mood in these is so different and so effective!

  5. I love the different moods you captured…the sky really does have a personality of it’s own…each and every one of these are beautiful…my favorite is the second image…those colors are gorgeous!

  6. Great drama and contrast in all these shots.

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