Feb 282010

The area north of Quartzsite was used as a training ground for General Patton’s troops during World War II.  Rocks were laid out in the desert for the pilots to know which way to fly without taking the time to learn navigation skills.  Simple navigation, in other words. The rocks spell out  QUARTZSITE  with an arrow pointing the way and then the words 11 mi. Without being in the air, impossible to take the whole picture. My understanding was that many of the pilots were women.  Here is an interesting article about one such woman.

And to keep with theme of “simplicity,” I have done nothing to this photo. No cropping or any other fixes — except to resize it so that WordPress could upload it.  This was taken during our February desert ride.

O.K. that’s it.  I’ve covered all the themes this month — and all of them were taken in real time (no going back to the archives) with our list of themes in mind.  I still owe a self-portrait and am working on it. Slowly.

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  1. […] for Bouse.  The best reason I’ve heard for this peculiarity is that back  in General Patton’s day when the untrained pilots flying airplanes from one location to another, this helped them know […]

  2. That is an interesting shot and story as well. And a clever way to interpret this theme. Well done on completing all of them!

  3. How cool! Good job on covering all the themes, makes you look around differently I think.

  4. Hi!
    Great shot! Love all the rocks here. I’m a big fan of rocks. I collect them. Have a great day!


  5. Doris… I take it you know Quartzsite, then!

  6. This is both a great shot (love the perspective) and a really interesting story. That makes the photo that much cooler. One thing there is plenty of there in Quartzite – rocks!

  7. A charter plane! Great idea… this hobby could get so expensive!

  8. Hi, Judi. Appears we shall be photowalking together this time around. I’ve enjoyed looking at your work and am looking forward to more. This arrow is a fun interpretation of the theme!

  9. This is very cool, great textures and details, but really love the depth you have captured! Great job of finishing the themes (2 months down and 10 to go LOL)

  10. Great shot for the theme, why didn’t you charter a plane to show us the whole thing. LOL Great write-up too.

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