May 062010

ISO 80 f/5.8 1/250  .67ev  28.5mm

This is last night’s sunset… without a bit of post processing.  After attending John Greengo’s class yesterday I decided to play with the Exposure setting on my camera… I have a Canon PowerShot SD 950, which is a point and shoot camera… but as far as P&S goes, its pretty good. I do  have the ability to change the exposure by up to 2 stops in either direction, thus I experimented last night.

What I learned was that by increasing the expo by 1/3, it changed the shutter speed to a slower speed (from 1/500 to 1/250).  Since the camera was on a tripod the slower speed was o.k and in fact I think the mountains are clearer on the slower speed.

And it did make for a “better” histogram.

Anyway, I’m finding this free photo class immensely informative… even for my point & shoot camera.  At least I understand its limitation a whole lot better.  I’m doing my best not to have DSLR envy…  I simply can’t afford one so that’s that.

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  1. Your Point & Shoot shows that you can capture super images even without a DSLR. I’m glad to hear the classes are beneficial – I have to work at that time and can’t join in but I’ve been wondering what everyone thought of them. I’ll have to be on the lookout for an evening session if they ever do later events. I particularly like how the glow of the sun is just a bit stronger right at the edge of the mountains.

  2. I think the class is great… but it does make me want a new camera. My Point & Shoot does not have very many controls – its best feature is that it is very small and takes good photos due to its design. John Greengo’s class had made me appreciate the design features that Canon put into it. When Greengo started talking about the amount of money one must invest in decent DSLR equipment… I just stopped wishing and hoping. But, taking John’s information, we have found another Canon P & S camera that will allow more controls.

    I look forward to the class each week… one was on my birthday and I didn’t even do anything special so that I wouldn’t miss the class!

  3. Glad you’re enjoying the CreativeLive class. It’s filled with useful info, I think, plus a lot of inspiration. You know, you’re doing a great job with your point-and-shoot – remember it’s not the camera but the photographer who makes the shot….

  4. Looks like a postcard! Beautiful!

  5. What a spectacular sunset…this is really beautiful! I think your point and shoot camera does a wonderful job!

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