Sep 152010

ISO 80; f/5.7; 1/640; 100mm; 8:25am (Canon SX10) Cropped and processed in Aperture. Used a preset and then tweaked and added a vignette.

I’m a little slow on getting this one posted.  I took it the day I visited the Hi Jolly Cemetery.  I tried a few different discrete shots of these two…  would have loved to have known the whole story.  Do they come out here and drink often?  Was it a recent death?  An anniversary of a friend’s death?  How long had they been sitting here? (It was only 8:30 in the morning.) The only conclusion I could come to is that drinking in a cemetery has to be for sentimental reasons. And drinking often makes you sentimental.

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  1. Sentimental indeed, and it does make you wonder about alot.

  2. Very nicely done. It does indeed tell a story. I have a friend who is buried in the local National cemetary and a few times a year I visit, talk and toast a few in rememberence of all the good times we had together.

  3. We are happy to make up our own stories. I like how zooming in flattens the distance between the graves. Well seen and shot!

  4. This really invites us to create our own stories for these two men. A creative and intriguing photo.

  5. Good job on getting these 2! I’m so curious as to what they are talking about as they are looking quite animated. I applaud your courage. I am very shy when it comes to photographing people I don’t know. What a great example of sentimental!

  6. This is a wonderful illustration of sentimental. You could come up with a 100 stories about these two guys and the reason they are there toasting. Makes you think. . .

  7. My grandpa was a Hamms beer drinker….and before he died he told us to come to his grave every year on his birthday and toast him….we bring HIS hamms beer to toast him every year (and boy does it taste awful….I am sure he is laughing in his grave)! He was an onwry one! :) I think you captured a very sentimental moment between friends! NICE!

  8. That scene does lead to a lot of questions. Maybe you’ll see them again and screw up the courage to ask???

    • You know how the 100mm lens really lets you get close without being close? I don’t think these two even saw me… but, if I were to see them again my curiosity would get the better of me I think/hope.

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