Jul 242010

ISO 80; f/5; 1/640; 23.5mm (Canon SD950 IS)

Tide is coming in, time to move the life guard chairs.

  8 Responses to “THEME: Seaside”

  1. I glimpsed this earlier in my reader and have been waiting to find a moment to come back to comment. It’s such a wonderful summer image and a different take on the seaside theme to capture a moment like this.

  2. I never knew those lifeguard stands got moved either! Well captured!

  3. Being very short – I would only be able to walk under it never move it! Great take Judi.

  4. A very creative subject matter. This photo also has some great lines and angles.

  5. Nice shot of life on the beach. That must be quite a haul every time!

  6. What a fine slice of life shot. Never thought that those chairs would have to move. There are extreme tides here but the water is much too cold to swim in. Warm salt water is a good thing.

    • Ellen, I wouldn’t call it the water warm.. but there is usually one or two weeks in July that are tolerable. Still, I never did get in much more than ankle dip.

  7. How High does he expect it to get???

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