Aug 142010

ISO 80; f/8; 1/4; 11mm (Canon SX10)

Any guesses as to what this is?

Since coming back from my trip to NH, I’ve taken very few photos… its been just too hot… the only time I can get chores done is in the very early morning.  (Like now and I really have to get out there…)  I did take a moment to document one said chore.

Post processing done in Aperture. Rotated, cropped, and skewed the white balance and set extreme vibrancy while lowering the saturation.  Also darkened shadows and added 100% saturation to the blue hue.  Goal was to bring out the rough!

P.S.  I’ve had to concentrate my time on MostlyFiction… I’ll be back to enjoy and comment on your wonderful photos more consistently soon.

  10 Responses to “THEME: Rough”

  1. Dirty, Yes!!! Rough indeed!!! Would not like to used that, rather for a gutter!!

  2. I would have guessed a bbq grill too….whatever! Would not have had a clue! Nice textures and contrasts in light!

  3. Very nice composition! I was going to guess it was a grate for a BBQ – our’s looks very much the same!

  4. Lots of great texture in this image. I’m not good at guessing what things are.

  5. Isn’t Ron just the comedian? He did take my guess though.

  6. You must have to had clean your BBQ grill grate. Although they say well seasoned grills cook the best food.

    • You are correct! It’s the BBQ grill! Only I didn’t clean it, as the grill was broken. So, as I was getting ready to toss it, I decided to “memorialize” it. As it turned out, later that morning, a couple guys came over to help us move the new shed we just bought to our site, and one of them took it away to fix it for himself. We could have done that, but we had been doing that every two months and thus, tired of it. So, now I’m in the process of seasoning a new grill.

  7. Looks like a Grate shot to me too Judi.

  8. It looks kind of like a cattle guard. Love the texture and color.

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