Mar 102010

We were driving around the rain the other day, when I spied this Knight in front of one of the park trailers. When the sun finally came out again, I took a walk over to see about photographing it.  Perhaps, the reason I thought of it being a Templar Knight is that there is a hand-painted rock in front of it that has a Christian cross on it.  I tried including the rock in the photo, but it just wasn’t that interesting.  The above photo was processed through Aperture (still 4 more days left of my trial).  I painted the knight with a sharpening tool.

But first, I decided to make my own Templar Knight in PSE (went back to the original before I used a sharpening tool):

As you can see, I painted on a white scarf and copied a piece of art from a web site for the red cross.

And, finally, I decided to try out Karen Brockney’s Sharpening Technique that Ron experimented with on the original image, prior to adding the Templar cross:

For this one, I made an overlay copy of the background.  I then selected just the knight, and then High Pass Filter set at 10.5 radius.  I then adjusted the opacity of the layer to 38%. I think this came out rather well.

The final note I should add, is that this turned out to be in front of “awright Mike’s” place.  He was very happy I liked it since he found it for only $4.  Mike was a victim of a brain hemorrhage from a stroke (I think?) about 12 years ago.  He thinks it just happened.  When he sees you, he likes to tell you that his wife saved his life, “last night.”  He is the happiest person in the whole park… and frequently is heard to say enthusiastically, “awright!”

  8 Responses to “THEME: Religion or Faith”

  1. Sorry for the late reply Judi I am using PSE 7 on windows so it is the same version as yours. Don’t sweat it on the colours, Dr Julie has found that my colour and hue selections are totally awry, so should be disregarded. So now when I play with things it is just for my benefit. I though your shots had class, though.

  2. Wow, you really got the details to come out in this cool statue. I love the addition of the white and the cross. Nice processing all the way around.

  3. I like your experiment series – and your story about awright Mike!

  4. It’s always fun to play with photos–as a lover of medieval history, I really appreciate your “knight Templar.”

  5. I am sure if you showed these to Mike he would be screaming “Awright”! What fun playing with this image…you did some really cool stuff!

  6. Ron, what version of Adobe PSE are you using? I did notice that your colors became more brilliant. For me, I worried that they had become too dull, until I played with the opacity. I am using Adobe PSE 6 on Mac OS 10.6.2.

    Of course, maybe its because you “down under” and all the colors spill out.

  7. I like your addition to the photo and the high-pass sharpening seems to have worked nicely. Glad to see it didn’t go all psychedelic on you, like it seems to for SOME people. 😉

  8. Your High Pass must be broken Judi, in mine the colours became more vivid, in yoursthey just disappeared. Interesting that you should select the Knights Templar, as they say the Gnomes of Zurich are the last remnants of that August Organization, and yhat seems like a very short Knight, ah well short nights long days – good for taking photographs.

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