May 132010

Some girls just don’t like their portrait taken!

This is Gracie.  She was at the airfield last night.  She was sitting on her owner’s lap looking quite intently at me.  So I thought, “Here’s a possible portrait = her face is in the shade and she’s eye level with me.”  So, I pulled out the camera and aimed it at her, pressed the button half way to focus and then just as I pressed the button to shoot… she stuck out her tongue.  And just as quickly, put it back.  If I hadn’t caught the moment, no one would have believed me!

(ISO 80 f/5 1.125  23.5 mm  — cropped slightly, cloned out an oddity in the background, burned around her eyes, and used a preset but fooled around so much with the presets, I don’t know which one.  It improved the vibrancy and turned up the blue hue and did something with the highlights.

  8 Responses to “THEME: Portrait”

  1. I do that sometimes too! 😉

  2. Just goes to show how smart dogs are! It’s a great shot and you truly captured her personality!

  3. Ha! What a great shot. She shares my take on getting one’s photo taken.

  4. She is a sassy little girl. I love this picture. Great details in her fur.

  5. LOL – this is just too funny! She’s not happy because she didn’t have a chance to brush the hair on her ears!

  6. Just love a dog willing to express her opinion out for all to see. Ja What a magic capture. Does that make her a Ruudle rather that a Poodle.

  7. You win the image of the day! This is fantastic, now this is a girl with attitude! Every time I look at this it just makes me laugh!

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