May 312010

ISO 80; f/5;  1/80;  23.5mm (old camera)

I shot this Desert Lily photo earlier in the month, but it was extremely underexposed.  I’ve been taking the free Creative Live class on Aperture with Scott Bourne and decided to practice some of the techniques from last week’s class.  I used the Quick Fix Auto Enhance, but backed off some of the levels adjustment. Then, I painted Vibrancy into the blossom and burned the buds.  And, cropped the image to fill more of the frame, but still show the Desert Lily leaves.

I love this tree. It’s fragrance is out of this world… The reason that I labeled this with “Peaceful” as well as “Blossoms”  is that I find myself back at this tree often. It’s just me, the bees and the birds.  It’s located in “Cecilia’s Garden,” a section of the park set aside for remembering loved ones.  There are benches throughout and a hodge podge of one-of-a-kind memorials (which I am working on).  I like to sit on the bench near this tree with camera ready… there is a bird feeder very close and I’m always hoping to catch something. So far, nothing worth blogging about, although hummingbirds and quails tease incessantly.  Just as I can’t capture the fragrance, portraying the peacefulness of this area also alludes me.

Here’s the original unedited photo. If you see anything I should have done differently, feel free to comment:

  3 Responses to “THEME: Peaceful Blossoms”

  1. You really did do a outstanding job of bringing out the color of these lovely flowers. Wish I could smell them!

  2. The saturation in the edited picture look super – you did a great job of recovery.

  3. Love the vivid colors in the edited version…but I have to say , the softness of the original image is nice too – they really look like almost two totally different images!

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