Jan 032010


This was taken at Fort Jefferson on Dry Tortugas Island off Key West in 2005.

To bring out the repetitious pattern, I cropped the image.  The original photo focused on the doorway arches more than the floor.  Looking at the pattern left behind on the floor you can well imagine the large cannons which once rested here.  The fort was actually never finished… thus the cannons were added and deleted without ever being officially used.

  6 Responses to “Theme: Pattern”

  1. Lots of patterns in this one and nice lighting, too.

  2. Hi Sheila — I think I’ll just go with the flow and see what happens. I’m glad the groups change a couple times a year. I can still comment on your pics anytime I want, right?

    I never made it out for a Photo Walk today. Too busy working on putting together the computer class I volunteered to do. Can’t wait to this obligation is done!

  3. That is an awesome example of the theme!! Very cool!!

  4. A very evocative shot. I love the quiet repetition of the arches. BTW that is on my bucket list of places I wnat to see.

  5. Welcome to the Brilliantly Bodacious Bunch, Judy! We are glad you joined us in our photowalk! What an eye pleaser to start out the year…I love the depth and textures in this image…great lighting too!

  6. Underneath the Arc(hes) I dream my dream of you (etc, etc, etc)I can almost feel i was there. Lovely.

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