Dec 012010

IMG_4484 - Version 2

ISO 80; f/2.8; 1/20 7.7mm (Canon Powershot SD950IS in M mode)

How did it get to be December 1?   I’m still in November themes!

Stopped for hot cocoa after our desert golf game.  A chilly breeze yesterday…. but a fun game.

This was processed in Topaz Adjust – Smooth and Flat and used the Aperture Burn brush to highlight the Thank You words.

  6 Responses to “THEME: Paper”

  1. My clubs are put away until spring! You cannot never have enough of the green paper. Really like how you processed the image.

  2. Lovely exposure!!!! I like the money and the note saying “Come again”!!!

  3. Easy come, easy go! The bills look so crisp, and the exposure is perfect.

  4. Must of won those bets on the golf course…you have money to pay for that beverage. I too wish I was playing golf!

  5. You need to come to Nebraska where you really need that hot chocolate…I wish we were still playing golf lol

    Wonderful processing…I like how your brought out the Thank You so it is more prominent!

  6. Wouldn’t work over hear our notes are plasticy I think, anywat I would have to write an IOU and that would be paper. LOL

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