Jun 242010

panorama from airstrip 319

ISO 80; f/5; 1/320; 40mm; 6:15am

Promise I won’t keep posting these panoramas as much fun as they are to  make.

Normally I don’t go out to the model airfield with Carl in the morning because I go for a bike ride instead (although I often go right by the airfield).  We were up a bit earlier than usual (5:15am if you must know) and just as Carl was about to go out the door I grabbed my camera and tripod and jumped in the car with him.  The light was so beautiful that it seemed a shame to waste it – and I sensed I was about to be caught up on the computer.  Besides this is fairly close to where we last saw that huge group of quail… so a part of me was hoping to catch them.

This is looking West with the morning light behind me. (Here is the same mountain range at sunset.) It’s about 45 minutes after sunrise.  The temperature was in the 80s, very cool and comfortable.

The reason we got up so early is that they were predicting this to be the hottest day yet and we’ve learned to make the most out of the morning.  It did get up to 114 at the hottest part of the day.  It’s like a wall of heat walking in it.  Most of the afternoon I’ve been sitting in the RV, which is cooled to about 87 degrees, working on my website.

The quail?  Of course they showed up… as soon as I had the lens cap back on the camera and my head in a book.  I caught a few pics but not the perfect one yet.

  6 Responses to “THEME: Panorama (3)”

  1. This is such a beautiful scene! I am so jealous. Only visited Arizona once and would love to go back. My friend tells me you can look in one direction and see darkness and in the other and see the sunset.

  2. You are right smack in such a panoramic place don’t stop! There is no cool 87 no matter how dry!

  3. VERY dry heat… thus higher temps are more tolerable. I’m heading back to NH/MA in a few weeks to visit family and am fear of the humidity. How will I explain that I can tolerate 114 but not 80?

  4. Great lighting. Kind of a quiet light if you know what I mean. Keep the panos coming! But it’s a dry heat??!!

  5. Don’t stop your panos…they are beautiful an dI am really enjoying them. Wow, 5:30AM, you are an early bird, but look what great lighting you had to work with, this is just stunning!

  6. This one is particularly nice because the height of the hills diminishes right to left in the frame. And the light IS wonderful.

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