Jun 232010

ISO 80; f/5; 1/500; 60mm ; 8:17am  (6 photos stitched together)

Top photo is 50% of original size.  Bottom photo is 1024… faster to open.  Not sure which is best way to show this.

Taken this morning from BLM Short-Term Camping Area off Kuhn Rd.  looking west to Dome Rock Mountain Range.

I had not ridden my bike through this area before and was surprised to find so much green scrub pine.  I spent about an hour and half poking around this area, taking photos, listening to birds and ground squirrels — mainly trying to catch a quail family.  I plan to return as it is easy to get to, the dirt roads are intended for RVs thus easy to ride my bike, and I only explored a fraction of what’s out there.

  7 Responses to “THEME: Panorama (2)”

  1. Julie I’ve noticed the same thing. Consequently I have taken to automatically enlarging them.

    Judi – This is just great. It is allowing me to see a part of the country I may never get to. Great job!

  2. I’m using Firefox. Maybe it’s just me?

  3. Julie, which browser are you using? I don’t see it in Safari but I also wonder if it is because I already have it in cache.

  4. Another nice pano.

    It interesting about the way you’ve inserted them into the blog. The images are both very sharp and clear when clicked to enlarge. But before enlarging, the larger image seems soft. I’ve noticed this on some blogs before and have always wondered why. Do you see that too?

  5. Very lush – the textures in the greenery is super. I like the larger shot as it shows the details better.

  6. You do have some green in the desert! :) Another nicely processed pano…love the soft curves of the background mountains!

  7. Don’t look like desert to me, lovely needle and thread work.

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