Jun 232010

ISO 200; f/5; 1/40; 57mm ; 7:45pm  (10 photos stitched together)

Taken last night from Plomosa Road off 95N looking east with sunset glow on mountains.

Top photo is 50% of original size.  Bottom photo is 1024… faster to open.  Not sure which is best way to show this.

  6 Responses to “THEME: Panorama (1)”

  1. HI Deena… they are taken horizontally, but using the camera’s panorama stitch assist program and then I used PSE to put them together. So easy!

  2. Wonderfully done! Did you take the images horizontally or vertically?

  3. The sky is so pretty in this pano; soft and soothing.

  4. A wonderful panorama – you feel as if you’re really standing right there.

  5. I love how the bushes are are lined up perfectly in the foreground! you are getting good!

  6. Neat stitching, love the wider shot, as it looks like the area around Alice Springs, MacDonald Ranges area, Or maybe Willpena Pound

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