May 112010

We went to Lake Havasu City yesterday… for a decent bite to eat  and to see a movie.. and the scenic ride to and from.

For lunch, we ate at an outside cafe by the London Bridge, a place we had wanted to try for a bit but our timing was always off.  We both chose this special:  Eggs Benedict Filet.  I was surprised that they served us the pair of muffins and not just a single side.  I can’t tell you the last time I had a poached egg, and these were perfect.  Sauce was decent and the Filet Mignon rare and tender as expected.  And to think we could have had a burger for the same price! (And yes, I was a little piggy and ate everything!)

Specifics on the photo:  ISO 80  f/8 1/200 -0.67ev at 12:4PM

Because the photo was a little dark (screwed up by under exposing… problem with bright sunlight is that you can’t always read your screen AND I didn’t set everything back to defaults),  I had to adjust the levels.  I also dodged the steak sides and retouched some black marks on the table. The pattern is from the cast iron umbrella.

Here’s the view of the London Bridge from our table:

ISO 80 f/10 1/125  12:32 (no post processing)

Movie turned out to be not all that great (Clash of the Titans 3d). I would have liked it better if they didn’t “Hollywood up” the retelling of the myth… but still it was nice to get away from my computer for a good part of the day. Lake Havasu City is about 90 minutes north of Quartzsite.  It’s a city and there is water.  Nice change from the desert.

  7 Responses to “THEME: Pair”

  1. Yikes! That’s a lot of food! But I would have done the same – eaten it all AND stopped for a latte. Great shots…

  2. Beautiful image!! It looks like it would be a bit filling but there’s always room for Starbucks!!

  3. Really nice job. Those look pretty tasty to me!! (and yeah, the movie was just ok)

  4. Hey – I’ve been there! The bridge looks familiar….. You’ve taken some great shots – sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with traveling I can’t get on that much much tonight I have a great connection.

  5. Yum! That definately looks tasty. Your exposure looks pretty good to me – I think you did a great job in the strong sunlight.

  6. Yes, I didn’t eat a thing the rest of the day! Oh, wait a minute. I lie. We stopped at Starbucks after the movie for a Cappucino and Chocolate Chip Cookie. No wonder I haven’t been hungry today.

  7. That is a HUGE dinner, but looks really yummy! What a great view of the bridge..looks like a bright, nice day!

    We saw clash of the titans too, had the same thoughts you did! Have a great rest of your day!

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