Mar 192010

We finally ordered new phones to replace our old ones.  After ripping into the new box, I remembered that I needed a photo of “packaging.”   I didn’t think this was all so interesting of a photo, although it meets the requirement.  So I did a lot of processing.  I truly wish that I still had an active demo of Aperture because I think the “toy camera” setting would have worked well for this.  I swear there is a setting missing in the current version of PSE that I used to use a lot.  It let you you darken the corners of the photo with one click after using the oval selection took and then inversing.  I tried to do it here with another tool, but don’t feel it is quite right.

Thanks to Julie… I was able to do the Vignette that I wanted on this photo.  And as a bonus, now that I’ve discovered the Camera Distortion Correction feature… I over used the distortion, just to add a bit more the photo.

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  1. Judi, I really like the way this came out. Your shot is so much more interesting with the vignette and the distortion. Kind of gives it a fisheye look. Super! Wish I had thought of this on mine!!

  2. It’s kind of prominently hidden, isn’t it? Glad to be of help…

  3. Julie! That’s where its hiding now! Thank you! Thank you! O.k. I’m going to redo and repost. This is so much better than the way it used to be done since there’s better control over the Vignette.

  4. I’m old enough to remember that when you got a new phone, someone came from the phone company and hooked it into the wall for you.

  5. Judi,

    In PSE, couldn’t you just use Filter>Correct Camera Distortion, and then slide the Vignette slider towards darken? Super simple!

  6. Tammy… I’m thinking about a really old version of PSE… I have been using it since the beginning. If the vignette (and thank you for the word as I could NOT remember it last night) is in LR, that explains why I seem to missing so many things when I updated to the latest version of PSE! O.K. I do have a trial copy of LR so I’ll take a look.

    Update: I just went over to the Elements Village and did a search on Vignette… so now I know how to do a basic one. I like the way I did it last night better…

    Also it is just the LG Accolade… the free one when you have a 2 year contract. Nothing fancy. So far I like it well enough. Since “nothing fancy” includes quite a bit.

  7. Ooooooo, fun new toys…which phone did you get? I don’t remember any of my previous elements have that tool, but it sure sounds great…I usually add my vignettes in lightroom, I just feel like I have greater control than in elements.

  8. The ripping into is good, shows eagerness, we should live like that!

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