Oct 062010

ISO100; f/8; 1/400; 100mm; 2:40pm (Canon SX10 on tripod) Cropped and adjusted in Aperture.


ISO 100; f/8; 1/250; 15.5mm; 2:37pm (Canon SX10)


I had my eye on this cactus for a few days before I finally took these photos (at end of September).  I decided the best time was the middle of the afternoon while the cactus blossom was still open.  Early morning the light was wrong and by the time the “evening glow” occurs, this bud is closed up tight.

I can’t believe its Oct 6th and I’m finally getting around to posting these!

  9 Responses to “THEME: Orange”

  1. The shape of the blossoms are such an eye catcher and what great color they have.

  2. It is a good thing these cactus survived the rain storm. I have one that blooms with pink blossoms; they last one day, so I have to catch them at the right time. I love the color in these photos.

  3. Great color and details.

  4. Super cactus blossoms caught in a nice, warm light. Very nice!!

  5. The orange is wonderful. Beautiful images.

  6. the light is perfect on these flower shots
    my cactus never bloom…..

  7. Lovely color and detail in both. The sexy bits of cactus flowers are so amazing, especially since they last such a short time.

  8. The orange is so soft and subtle–lovely.

  9. Those are so beautiful…and what great details! I wish we had cactus here!

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