Apr 272010

I was fooling around with the setting sun last night… working on more silhouettes, when I turned and saw my long desert shadow.   Thus, I took a picture. Looking at it just now, I decided it could fit the “one” theme quite well because there is only “one” of me.

But it also brought to mine the Intaglios that I’ve seen around here.

There are figures “painted” with stone in the desert floor throughout this area that are called “Intaglios;”   I include the placard from one here:

The actual figure is difficult to photograph because it is well worn and the camera can’t capture the whole of it.. not without being up high enough. No one knows exactly how old the figures are, nor who made them.  I don’t know how many there are but I do know that I’ve seen a set just over the border in California, maybe about 30 miles from this one.

Anyway, seeing my long desert shadow certainly gave me an idea as to the origin for the idea of the Intaglios came about. What if they made some guy stand on a rock an pose in the late afternoon sun and they laid out rocks to fill in the shadow? O.K. the shadows are much larger than that… but it is one idea.

  7 Responses to “THEME: One (of self)”

  1. You made your own Intaglio–how creative! And now you’ve given us an opening into the mind of that long ago artist and how he or she saw the human form.

  2. Wonderful light, playing with shadows is so fun

  3. Now that is one heck of a shadow…looks like you have gotten really tall…so cool against the textures!

  4. The one and only! 😉

    I have to say that the dusky desert light is fabulous. Wish I was there!

  5. Boy have you got some Long Legs Lady, LOL

  6. Wish I’d thought of that! Great shot with the long shadows and the texture.

  7. Love playing around with long shadows and this one is particularly fun. Nice shot!

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