Feb 242010

I know of no other place that uses “Mexican Brick” as a standard brick wall material than here in Quartzsite.  I looked it up on Google and laughed when I found out that Mexican Brick also refers to an illegal substance!  Where ever you see a brick wall in Quartzsite, it looks like this one with the distinctive yellow bricks.

Here’s a whole wall shot:

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  1. […] because this is such a unique fence, I have a few more photos.  Note the Mexican Brick Wall; this is not the same one that I showed in another entry. It’s used all over Quartzsite. […]

  2. Those are gorgeous bricks and made for a couple great photos. Glad you showed us both the detail and the whole.

  3. I’m not sure about the cost difference, but I certainly like the visual impact that they create. I really like all the variations in color and size.

  4. They do make an interesting design. Never seen any like this, very cool.

  5. The colors are great, and the other sort of brick would maybe not be as cheap. I hope no one has been surprised by wanting one and getting the other.

  6. I’m not sure the cost of the bricks, but I assume that since they come from Mexico, they are less expensive than normal bricks. My research on the Internet revealed that you don’t want to use Mexican bricks in places that get cold because they are not processed for all weather. And, i suspect that means that you don’t want to build a house out of them anywhere. But, used as walls in a the dry desert seems perfectly fine. Also in my research, although it may not have been extensive enough, I never found these particular bricks.

  7. That definitely is unique brick but what an image it makes…I love colors and details in the bricks and the varying sizes are nice!

  8. That would nake it an expensive wall indeed, but hey who would care, LOL

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