Apr 052010

This morning I was up and dressed while the sun was still rising in the east.  After saying goodbye  to my neighbor Mark — he’s heading back to Minnesota for the summer season — I walked around to see what the morning light would reveal to me.  Found this Pagsta Roadsta looking very neglected.

I was hesitate to touch up this photo, afraid I’d lose the “neglected” effect of the photo.  But, Aperture has some fine tools and I was able to bring out some of the fine colors under the dirt.

  5 Responses to “THEME: Neglected”

  1. Wonderful tones in this, I like the squirt bottle although it seems no match for the dust.

  2. Great work with the coloring! It looks pretty neglected! Or maybe just enjoyed so much it never gets cleaned. :)

  3. Very nice exposure. Glad that it is not my “neglect”

  4. this one has to be enlarged to really enjoy it! What clarity (especially in the details in the dirt)…love how the colors pop against the dirt!

  5. Now that is a vehicle, not a wife substitute.

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