Jul 112010

ISO 80; f/5; 1/2000; 32mm (no tripod; levels processed)

Funny thing is, we do have a Yacht Club in Quartzsite.  I had intended to get a photo of the seagull on the mooring, but apparently they store the seagull for the summer season; as like most everything here, the Yacht Club is closed for the season. First hint that it’s not a real yacht club, huh?

I am leaving for NH tomorrow evening… so I hope to get a better nautical photo during my vacation… if not nautical at last the seaside!

  9 Responses to “THEME: Nautical”

  1. I really like the colors here and the great lines that the rope makes.

  2. Great interpretation of theme!! Love the textures and colors! Have a great trip!!

  3. I do like your cropping!!!

  4. A perfect image as you set sail on your vacation! I like the composition and colors.

  5. I like the simple geometry and the varied textures.

  6. Very nautical – great colors!

  7. A fake yacht club? Now that’s a goodie! Love the texture in that rope, really nice details!

    have a wonderful vacation – enjoy yourself! :)

  8. That it’s a fake yacht club makes for a more interesting story! Hope you have a great vacation. What part of NH are you heading to? I have family in Dover and Bedford.

  9. Nice Nautical closeup
    i like the cropping and the sharp texture of the rope

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