Jun 262010

ISO 80; f/2.8 1.0s 7.7mm; 5:10am  (Canon SD950 IS Elph)

Carl was up making coffee at 5am this morning.  Sun wasn’t even up yet,  but there were some beautiful rays peaking over the mountains.

I realized that I was looking at “darkness” and started shooting photos before I got out of bed. Post processing makes it look more daytime than it is… but I like the color.  As you all know by now, we live in an RV… this gives a nice look at our condensed lifestyle.

By the way… to get this to stay dark with the point and shoot camera… I used the “snowman” scene which prevented the camera from adding more light to the scene as it was wont to do.  I know I say I never use these canned settings, but this morning it made all the sense in the world.  I think I’ll try this trick tonight on the full moon.   And if that works, and assuming I find some fireworks… I’ll try it on them as well.

  8 Responses to “THEME: Morning Darkness”

  1. Wow you are up early! I like this shot – the light and the graininess suit the image very well.

  2. Condensed lifestyle…I like the sound of that!! I like how your are drawn through the RV and the prize at the end it the beautiful scenery.

  3. Experiment on Moon in Snow mode failed. I got the shot, but it wasn’t detailed. I took the moon in all the other modes as well… only one sort of worth keeping but now I don’t know which mode it was! This was all done with the Canon Elph. Now it is time for me to go read Tammy’s low light advice!

  4. A great atmospheric shot…I love that soft glow…nice…looking forward to your other experiments!

  5. Clever use of the programmed scene mode to suit your needs Judi! I hope the moonlight shot works out.


  6. Lots of light in the sky even at 5. This does have a nice mood. I have used the canned settings just to see what the settings are, I’ll follow your experiments.

  7. Your shot has lots of mood and atmosphere. I like the idea of living in a small space like that.

    It will be interesting to see if your other experiments with the ‘snowman’ mode achieve what you want. Normally in a snowy scene (I have a lot of those up here!) you have to go to the + side in exposure compensation to get your whites white, otherwise they come out dingy grey. (Because on its own, the camera is trying to render everything, including white, as 18% gray). So, I would have guessed that the camera would actually go to the + side in a snow scene preset.

  8. Wonderful shot and a really comfortable looking chair Carls in. Definitely an Urban grunge (Small Unit) look to it, good to know your safe out in the desert.

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