Jun 092010

ISO80; f/5.6; 0.5s; 5mm (mini tripod; self-timer)

This is from this morning, post coffee.  Thought I’d experiment with the set up again. In yesterday’s picture the overhead light is on and gives it more of a yellow look, as if the morning was dark and we needed light.  In this picture I just used natural daylight.  I think using the mirror also brightened it up.  The difference in the time of day is only about 15 minutes (we were up earlier today than yesterday).

  6 Responses to “THEME: Morning 2”

  1. The previous day’s shot is my fave, but how interesting it is to see the comparisons.

  2. I love the lighting! I don’t think it is better. To me it is just a different look. Both work really well.

  3. Interesting how seemingly small changes can have such an impact. Photography is light and you just proved it again with these 2 images.

  4. Sherrie, I tend to agree with you… but it is a good learning experience.

  5. Hi Judi,
    I like the day before shot. Love that splash of orange. It always surprises me that light can make that much of a difference in pictures. Have a great day!


  6. Isn’t it amazing what a change in light can do?

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