Apr 072010

The thing about desert golfing… its one big sand trap!

My friend Mette is so intent on hitting this ball that I thought I’d have some fun with the photo and use a less realistic preset.

I straightened the full photo (although you can’t see the landscape here), cropped in close so that Mette fills the screen.. but making sure to leave enough of the patch of grass that leads away from the ball so that you know where the ball is supposed to go. ¬† Then, after many experiments, I ¬†chose to apply the Blue Desert Vignette preset, which is one of the available Aperture add-ons.

  8 Responses to “THEME: More Action or Active”

  1. Now that’s keeping your head down, too bad she missed all the action

  2. Nice capture of the action here! That is one forceful swing! The body action and the flying sand really add to the effect you were going for. Nice one!

  3. Glad to know about the shoes, they sure caught my eye. I love the cloud of dirt with that yellow ball flying off and i like your friend’s intent look.

  4. I should add, those red sneakers are real!

  5. I love the spray of cane and the blur of the yellow ball as it flies off.

  6. That is a shot well captured! I really like the vivid colors your processing produced…

  7. Now that is action…you know it is moving fast when the dirt is flying! Cool capture!

  8. GOLF:-
    The ineffectual attempts, of
    inarticulate amatuers, to
    place an uncontrollable ball, in
    an inaccessible hole, with
    tools inappropriate to the task!


    A Good Walk Ruined.

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