Mar 032010

Another find walking around the swap meets in Quartzsite.  This is a bucket of scissors which claim to be taken from people at airport security. Look how many different ones there are!  I didn’t find mind, though.  I considered using this for “Faith” since people put a lot of faith in the fact that security measures will keep them safe… but decided that was twisting the meaning of the theme a bit too much!

As with all my photos, shot with my Canon PowerShot SD950 IS.  ISO 80; 1/400 sec f2.8; focal 7.7 mm.  (This is what is recorded… I am not yet at point of controlling  these aspects.) The only post processing was to run it through “curves in Aperture 3.0 and then to save in a size amenable to the blog.

  13 Responses to “THEME: Metal”

  1. Great capture for this theme! It’s a very interesting photo-looks like it could belong in a modern art museum.

  2. Hi!
    WOW, that’s a lot of scissors! I like all the different shapes and colors. Have a great day!


  3. When we went on an Amtrak trip from Central Californa to Portland I checked to make sure I could bring knitting needles… problem! Frankly, I would not like to have to face a knitting needle!

  4. Metal works for me! I like the different recuring patterns that can be found in this photo.

  5. I love this shot, Judi! So much of interest going on there, from color to shininess to lines.

  6. Good thinking on your part to have this great find and fit for the theme. Everyone is having fun with the puns! I’m not a punny person, so guess I’ll leave it all to them. Smart thinking. I carry a little cuticle scissor in my purse. You mean they’d take that at the security check?

  7. Fabulous find, and a nice shot to boot! Glad you weren’t literally poking around in there…looks dangerous!

  8. That Ron, he is really sharp!!
    Perfect shot for Metal. Love the texture that this gives.

  9. Tammy — when I had business trips to China, we always had scissors with us since we were working with fabrics. Normally we packed them in our suitcases, but we were hopping on and off planes throughout the country and often forgot. Once, they took Lupe’s scissors and told us to look for our box when we landed. The carousel went around and around and couldn’t find our scissors. And then we decided to look a the BIG box still going around. We laughed and laughed, ‘cuz there was MY name (easier to spell than hers) on this oversized box. Other times security just took them. In theory one is supposed to be able to carry 6″ scissors like these, but I don’t think a lot of security look a the size.

  10. Clever and funny, Ron!

  11. It is so hard to follow Ron!

  12. Cutting edge stuff, shear brilliance, the clip is a snip for sure.

  13. Too funny, never would think about bringing scissors into an airport…I love the shapes and different colored metals you captured…this is really fun!

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