Jan 062010


This is located at the Taihu Resort in Wuxi, China.  We stayed here on business, but the resort is popular among the vacationing Chinese.  One time when we stayed here, there was a Buddhist convention of sorts.  I loved the mornings here.  Very peaceful designed to strengthen our inner spirits. I hope this photo captures some of that feeling for you.

Note that this was taken with a lower resolution camera… I reduced the photo by 50% to help hide a lot of the resolution problems. I doctored up the coloring using iPhoto but can not figure out exactly what I did.  When I look at the original photo, it does not have the same depth as this one.

  13 Responses to “Theme: Meditative”

  1. I could sit and meditate in this beautiful place you have captured all day. Beautiful image.

  2. You’ve certainly capture the light and shadows perfectly. The colors are awesome and the way the view is framed by the trees in the foreground is very inviting.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog, all of your comments are appreciated! You asked on my cold image about how I processed the picture…I took the pic in color and then processed it to black and white in lightroom 2.6 and then finished it off in photoshop elements 9 (PSE)…I did go back to all my pics and included the shooting info and processing info underneath…I probably should have been doing that from the start! Thanks again Judy! :)

    • Hi Tammy.. I can see that I’m going to be learning a lot doing this photowalk. And possibly spending more $$$. I had not heard of Lightroom until now…. guess I’ll go see what that is about!

  4. Thanks everyone for you kind comments. I feel that this was a lucky shot… I did not spend a lot time composing it. The grounds of this hotel were so beautiful it was hard not capture something lasting. I took a lot of shots that morning and maybe I’ll have an opportunity to share more in the future. The hotel is set up with all sorts of interesting places to walk including a bamboo forest, which also was quite striking.

  5. Yes the snow people love this. LOL
    you captured a great photo here, I love the misty look in the willow tree back center. great job.

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  7. Hello Judi! Lovely. Serene. Great contrasts, shades, colors, composition, DOF. Love how the larger tree frames – and the lesser tree also echos the frame. Excellent!

  8. What an exquisite shot! LOVE the light and shadows, the haze in the background, the composition…..
    Love, love, love!

  9. I bet all our snow bound bloggers would love to be here right now. Well maybe in thought. Love the contrast in the colors!!

  10. Judi – love it! I just knew you would be able to bring something great into our group! The Depth of Field is great — it’s like you can just walk into this world and stay forever. Follow the path and the deeper you go.

  11. I am in a meditative state from just staring at this picture! Wow, this is just beautiful and relaxing…love the contrast between those red leaves and the greenery!! Just beautiful!

  12. Peaceful indeed, but oh so much to look at!

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