Jan 282010

I have been reading Zane Grey novels lately and the idea of a cowboy on a horse seems very masculine to me.  This is not the statute that I wanted to post… the owner would not let me take a picture of it. But in going through my old photos, I realized that I had forgotten about this one.  This Quarter Horse monument was taken in Sonoita, Arizona (south of Tucson, north of Nogales), and was found on one of our meandering drives to nowhere in particular.

The photo itself was not well taken, thus I played with levels until I was more satisfied with the statute.  Then I had this idea of making a “ghost cowboy,” to signify the loss of way of life and to highlight some of the features of this statute.  With the hints of the modern background, I hope this shows the incongruity of then and now.

If you think this is overworked, and you’d like to see the original photo, please let me know.

  6 Responses to “THEME: Masculine”

  1. I love the photo and your reasoning behind your processing. Your intent is clearly seen and your ideas worked really well. Nice job!

  2. True to the theme and with a great effect.

  3. Judi! I think your post-processing is spot on!

  4. Yes, I should try Louis L’amour. I was thinking of Shalako (not a Sackett) because it is set in the Sonoran Desert (and there is a Kindle format). After, I’ll try a Sackett. Promise.

  5. Great image, and Zane Grey is Okay but if you want masculinity, start reading Louis L’amour, in particular anything on the sackett, then you will have it and will need to come back and make the image BIGGER. As a warm up search out a Clarence Mumford, version of the Hopalong Cassidy stories, and be surprised to find out that he never resembled William Boyd, but was written as being 5’8″ red headed attitude to match and just downright mean, but overall hard, and it was Mumford that cornered the phtase “Ride For the Brand” – You think Cassidy you think Bar 20, And John Wayne was like that, he rode for the brand and the Brand was America! A Man! (he would have made a ripping Sackett)

  6. Nothing like going back to the cowboy for masculinity….nice! I love the symbolism you used in your processing to highlight the difference of today and times gone by! Fabulous!

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