Feb 262010

Remember the donut pan that I used for the Kitchen Utensils theme?  Well, Glenda came by with some samples of baked donuts.  Yes, they were luscious!  Especially since I knew they were not fried.

I took quite a few different pictures, both indoors and outdoors and one inside using a mirror.  I settled on this perspective because it showed the donut as a 3-D object (not just a flat top) and because I like way the way the lines on the cutting board lead forward giving the picture a feeling of momentum or action. And then I couldn’t take it anymore, and ate the subject matter. Yum!

I processed the picture in Aperture 3.0,  first cropping, then using the Punch preset, then manually working on the White Balance.  I have two screens… the 17″ on my MacBook Pro and and 23″ inch Mac Monitor.  On the large monitor, where I did the editing, the photo looks bright. When I  look at it on the MacBook Pro… the image seems a bit too dark.  What do you see on your monitors?  Is it too dark for you?

  6 Responses to “THEME: Luscious”

  1. Oh, yum! I like the way you composed it with the grain of the wood and the lines of the tea towel all lined up. It does give it some energy, I think. The photo does look darkish – some more fill light would have made the donuts more ‘lively’.

  2. Those do look yummy. Too bad you had to eat them, this challenge can be rough! The photo seems a bit dark but maybe it’s the chocolate…

  3. Oh yes, definitely luscious….OMG, I WANT one! :)

  4. A great choice for the Theme and I love the reasoning for your choice. Getting to eat the subject matter is a real bonus.

  5. I really like your reasoning behind the choosing of this photo. Those doughnuts do look awesome. Thanks for sharing your train of thought!

  6. Hi Judy,
    Great picture of Luscious! Those doughnuts look good. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!


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