Dec 262010

ISO 80; f/8; 1/400; 7.7mm; 12:24pm (Canon Powershot SD 950 IS)

I wish I had been just a bit quicker in “seeing” this image… instead I had to work with what I had and cropped it to get the focus on the dog looking up at the donkey.

I used Aperture to lesson the shadow around the dog and then used the detailed brush to pull out a bit more on the dog and the donkey.  Then I ran it through Topaz Simplify Image CrispEdge.

I wish I could take it over again… but at least I did have my camera with me when the van advertising a “Donkey and Bull Show” came through the park while I was working on Christmas Eve.

  4 Responses to “THEME: Looking Up”

  1. OMG, Hilarious! “Wanna play”?

  2. It definitely pays to always have a camera with one. (Note to self-carry a camera at most times this year!) This is a fun photo.

  3. I love that senior looking Cocker’s look at the donkey. These are both prime examples of why to always have a camera on you. So fun (maybe not for the donkey and bull…)

  4. I reckon he and the Bull split the fare and the dog was hitching a ride.

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